Aquila Nylgut – corde per ukulele soprano

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The Nylgut by Aquila are Specially Designed to Mimic The Timber and Brilliance of Gut Strings. Up until the Last Century Most Musicians Preferred The Fast Attack and crispiness of Gut Strings, The problema was that they Were Too expensive and Were Very susceptible to Weather Changes. The Changing Humidity or temperature Made The Gut Strings Loose their Tuning.
with Nylgut on your Uke You Get The Best of both Worlds. Durable Ability and Cost Effectiveness paired with the powerful Projection, Crisp Tone and Definition of the Gut Strings with Out Being affected by Weather Changes. You Won’ t have to Worry About Going Out Of Tune In The Middle of a performance.
Closest Synthetic String to Gut Strings
Cost Effective
Powerful Projection
Bright, Rich Tone
Available in a variety of tunings and Lengths
4U Regular GCEA
30U fifths gdae
33U Regular ADF # B
34U Low a Key Of D

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