Cajon Percussion

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The new Castanet’s from Meinl come in two different varieties, the WJC1-M comes with a jingle and the regular WC1-M that is only a castanet. They adhere to your cajon to spice your rhythms up. The WJC1-M has a pair of jingles that give metallic touches to the cajon sound. Both models come with a self-adhesive tape to install on your cajon. They are also spring-opened to give you a lot of expressive possibilities.

  • Black color
  • The WJC1-M comes with steel jingles
  • Spring-opened
  • Hook and loop fastener
  • It comes with double tape so it sticks to your cajon.
  • Made from Rubber wood.


Cajon Jingle Castanet WJC1-M Black

Cajon Castanets WC1-M Black Medium

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